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wmwlmon is a wmdockapp which shows the state of a wireless network interface. In the title you see the network interface name and a led showing if the interface link is active. As next you see the signal strength from the conntected access point in dB (decibel). The bar shows the signal strength in percents. If the bar is full, it means that you have the full throughput of the bandwidth displayed in Mbps. As next you see the channel number. A red lock shines if WEP is enabled. The last line shows the network id.

Read more in the man page.

Note: Compilation and testing has been successfully done on OpenBSD, and FreeBSD.



wmwlmon-1.0.tar.gz - latest release


Get current development source
cvs -d anoncvs@cvs.nazgul.ch:/cvs checkout wmwlmon

Get latest release

cvs -d anoncvs@cvs.nazgul.ch:/cvs checkout -r WMWLMON_1_0 wmwlmon

ChangeLog (1.1)

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